Promo small snack packs are completely personalized promotional marketing product. The customer is involved in the process from the beginning of the conceptual design, the choice of pack size, content selection (customer can choose ones own mix of peanuts, nuts and fruit) to the final confirmation of the packaging disign. We cooperate with customers throughout the process and we consider all the requirements and desires. For each project, we use an individual approach. Use Promo packs of snacks with your clients which can help you to communicate in a way that is unique. May your customers feel special, unique, different from all the rest. We may indicate that all of our customers, which promoted their products with our tools of sales have increased their sales from 12 to even 25%. Be bold and creative – create your own snacks Promo packaging and stand out.

Personalized design

You can create your own promo snacks design. Depending on your desires and goals you can create your own, unique design. Our experienced team of experts in the field of graphics can advise and help you. The design is flexible, adaptable, you can use it for one action only. New product which will be launched after the campaign can be replaced with a different design. For the design, you can choose your logo or brand name, which is visible on a very nice small packs and definitely stands out from all other marketing products. You can choose a marketing tool which can help you get a large number of new customers and reward your loyal customers. Promo packs Snacks are small, but very efficient.

Personalized winning games

With Promo packs Snacks you can prepare personalized winning games for your customers. On the small packs with your design, we can print visual codes or hidden codes for winning games. For these opportunities we have specialized partners who are globally recognized.

We offer several options:

  • code can be visual,
  • code can be covered with a “scratch” label
  • code can be located under the two- or multilayer label

Reward your customers- organize a winning game – play with us- Promo snacks winning games.

Code can be visual.

Code can be covered with a 'scratch' label.

Code can be located under the two- or multilayer label.

Personalized print

In printing we cooperate with leading experts in the field of printing. Together we constantly develop better techniques and solutions, and closely follow the novelties in technological development. We print in high resolution Full HD technology, CMYK + up to 4 colors. All the colours we use in printing, are suitable for direct contact with food, for which we also have all the required certificates necessary for compliance with health legislation and European norms. The print mode is Flexo-printing for large prints we also provide cupro / roto printing. We would like to present you with Promo Snacks MULTIPRINT, which allows you to print nine different designs in a single print. The advantage of our solution of the print is certainly also fast delivery, namely 14 to 30 days from confirmation of design. Following the preferences can arrange the printing in combination matt and shiny effect on a single press.