Promo Snacks and small packs may be welded together in a chain. According to our experience, the most optimal number of 30 g small packs welded into a chain is ten. Of course, when packaged in the chain you should take into account the number and the weigth of the bags and adapt in accordance with the number of pieces in the chain. The smaller the dimension, more items may be arranged in a chain. Each piece in the chain can be easy to remove. The chain is welded well and packs do not drop out of the chain. What is important to note is that we pack in a chains with three different designs. This is a unique opportunity to tell customers what the new product which will be launched on the market will be, and what special campaign you prepare for them to thank them for their loyalty to the brand. You can advertise your brand and company, promote special events or just reward your customers. With Promo Snacks chain you could be even more successful.