Personalized Promo Snacks and small packs are quality, aesthetic, practical and convenient designed. The packages are fully individualized, unique marketing product, but they also include a delicious content. Each package is unique and made according to customer wishes.

Your customers can be rewarded by Promo packs Snacks and at the same time you can show them they are something special to you. Customers will be thankful and most importantly, they will remain loyal. Promo packs Snacks are small, but very successful.

The latest technologically advanced, automatic packaging machines for packaging are used by our company. Machines can pack even more than 60 pieces per minute. All of the packs can be packed in a controlled atmosphere. Products are packed in Duplex and Triplex PP, PE foil. All packaging materials are certified by the analyzes and migration tests. All packages that we use are suitable for the direct contact with food and complies with all health requirements and the law. All the packaging does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO- free). The bags can be welded in different ways A-A, A-B or according to the customer’s wishes. All bags are easy-open, which may be at the request of customers, marked right on the packaging. The latest technology allows the so-called zero-waste folio, contributing environmental awareness and caring for the environment.

You can choose between different types of packaging, both in size and shape. We later also present only the basic pack, but we are flexible and we provide a full range of packaging which satisfy even the most demanding wishes and needs of customers. We always do our best to serve you. Our suppliers of packaging materials are the best in the region in their field and together we develop new solutions for you. Welcome to our world of Promo pack snacks.

Small portion package

A small portion packs are available in various sizes.

Promo snacks obešanke za steklenice

Promo Snacks with hang slot

Promo Snack small packaging with a cardboard cap.

Promo snacks obešanke za steklenice


Promo Snacks and small packs may be welded together in a chain.

Promo snacks obešanke za steklenice

Mono packaging

Promo Snacks mono packaging are packs of each piece of our products.

Promo snacks monopakiranja

Multi pack packaging

Promo Snacks multi-pack packaging consist of several small packages in a package.

Promo snacks Multipack pakiranje več malih pakiranj v eni embalaži

Transport packaging

We also offer you high quality packing.

Promo snacks displeji