About our company

We are Slovene company Mita-est d.o.o., specialized in packaging and marketing all kinds of nuts, peanuts, seeds, nut mixtures, dried fruits and chocolate fruits, nuts. Our assortment of products contains more than fifty different products, which are successfully sold on the market. We are present on the Slovene and foreign markets more than fifteen years. We cooperate with all major retail chains for which we mainly produce their own brands.

Promo Snacks small packagings give benefit to our company. We see Promo Snacks as the leading tool for marketing and promotion of trade brands. With Promo Snacks small packagings we are even closer to our customers and their wishes. We have become more flexible, more accessible, better quality and unique.

The vision and goals of our company

  • To satisfy the wishes of our customers

  • To offer customers the best proportion among quality and price

  • Continuous investment in development and knowledge

  • Highly ecologically conscious