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Event promotion

With Promo Snacks packaging:

  • at concerts
  • at cultural events
  • at special events

Every single event with us is something special!

Cheer with Promo Snacks

With Promo Snacks:

  • support fair play and fair cheering
  • promote your club, sport, special sport events, important anniversaries and achievements
  • support your favourite sportsmen and sport clubs
  • increase visibility of your sport club
  • reward your loyal fans

Business marketing

Promo Snacks:

  • as marketing tool for your business
  • insures the sales increase of your products and visibility of your business
  • at business fairs, at conferences, at launching your new sales product, as your new sales product
  • is your first choice, nevertheless what your business is

Salt promotional packaging

Different sorts of nuts and peanuts, mixtures of nuts, roasted salted seeds, spicy peanuts, spicy corn.

Chocolate promotional packaging

Nuts in milk, dark and white chocolate, dried fruits in milk, dark and white chocolate, candied dried fruits, candied peanuts.

Healthy promotional packaging

Raw nuts, peanuts roasted without oil and salt, dried fruits, seeds.


Digital print

Digital print is a new process of packaging printing. Together with the most qualified printer company, we developed the most appropriate digital print for our needs. Digital print is high [...]

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